2UNDR - Revolutionary Men's High-Performance Underwear

#2UNDR - Not your average underwear range.

Power Shift in Crimson & Navy

Every man will knows there's nothing more irritating than the feeling of uncomfortable or poorly made/sized boxers.  I've had several pairs over the years and I've found what bothered me the most was when they would start to become baggy around the waist or happen to be too short at the legs.  Often the stitching would mess up and before you know it its time for a new pair.  

This is where 2UNDR come in to play. I believe the smallest things like comfortable clothing can make the biggest difference in how you feel throughout your day.

The revolutionary men's underwear company got in touch giving me a couple of pairs to choose from and review.  The pants are designed with the mans lifestyle and comfortability in mind.  

I was happy to receive these because I always like to have the newest and best gear and I could do with a few new pairs for Christmas. 

These Power Shift type I found to be extremely soft and comfortable and have worn them under my shorts to the gym.  They are a great fit and there's no 'chafing' or uncomfortable skin contact feeling which I've found you get with many boxers.

Made in Vancouver, worn everywhere.
What stood out for me was that they are longer at the legs which is ideal for keeping you warm and not too short or uncomfortable.

The underwear features Garmatex's patented 'Coldskin fabric.'  This fabric is created by embedding crushed jade within the fast-drying microfibre filaments.  The thermal reduction fabric promotes extra cooling where excess heat builds up.  This can reduce reduce body temperature by 3 to 6 degrees. 
(It's good stuff, basically!)
Using the most advanced construction techniques and materials, the 2UNDR™ range provides more support than a standard brief with the best fit, comfort and style man has ever experienced. Taking inspiration from the kangaroo-pouch, 2UNDR™ features the unique and revolutionary "The Joey Pouch" to separate a man's most valuable assets from bodily contact to reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact, providing less chafing, more control and an altogether more luxurious feel. The innovative design also delivers improved airflow keeping you cool when involved in strenuous activity or simply going about a busy day.
You can get the Power Shift type's here for £26.99. 

Once you've worn these bad boys you'll never go back to flexing your old Primark standards.